Capabilities Statement

DEWESoft, a privately held company that produces the next evolution in data acquisition instrumentation, offers a full suite of hardware for field and lab data acquisition applications. Scalable from four to thousands of channels, our instruments are available as small USB/EtherCat devices, stand-alone battery-powered systems, or rack-mounted configurations. Powered by our DEWESoft X software, we acquire, synchronize and control many multi-domain test sets that may include Analog in/out, Digital in/out, Video, GPS, CAN, ARINC 429/1553, PCM, Chapter 10 and much more. DEWESoft is designed to handle a variety of applications such as: pass-by-noise, sound level, order tracking, torsional vibration, balancing, modal and many more.

DEWESoft is a total solution data acquisition company that manages our entire business process in-house. All the way from our software development, hardware design and manufacturing to marketing, sale and support.

DEWESoft has a world renown software package called DEWESoft and can be used for many different data acquisition applications.

DEWESoft is a Worldwide company and can supply equipment and support to many locations.